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The Doctor is in the Kennel!

Dr. Agustin Gonzalez (Owner)

Ever since he began practicing in the mid 1980's, Dr. Agustin Gonzalez knew he wanted to be anything but a typical veterinarian. Too many times he has seen precious pets brought in and out of clinics like items on an assembly line. He knows that pets should be treated with the same level of care as humans. "We pride ourselves on the personalized and individual care of our patients. Our staff is caring, kind and always goes the extra mile," said Dr. Gonzalez.

Dr. Gonzalez opened his first clinic in 1990 in Hialeah, the Animal Hospital of 49th Street. In 2007 he opened a second location in West Miramar, the Miramar West Animal Hospital.

Both locations are full service animal hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to handle any and all situations. Miramar West offers digital radiography, endoscopy, and ultrasound. Both locations offer general and orthopedic surgery, dental care and cleanings, vaccines and routine exams. They also have a complete in house laboratory and well-stocked pharmacy.

"When it comes to dental care, it depends on the breed, the size of the animal, and the type of food they eat," commented Dr. Gonzalez. "A smaller breed usually had more problems with tartar because they prefer to eat smaller and more easily digested foods. Therefore, they should have their teeth cleaned every year or two. The larger breeds that eat mostly dry foods require less frequent cleanings." Dry food is better for you pet and helps keep plaque and tartar build-up from forming on their teeth.


Yearly routine exams and vaccinations are recommended to keep your pet healthy. The type of exam your pet will receive is determined by age. During the first year, a series of puppy vaccinations are given every three weeks to build their immune system to fight off diseases and parasites. They are also examined for worms via a fecal test, checked for heart-worms and other parasites, and given an eye, ear, nose and overall body exam. At sixteen weeks the last puppy vaccines are given along with the rabies vaccine. At this point, your puppy is protected for one year and can continue with a yearly exam schedule. When a pet reaches ten to twelve years of age, the doctor may do an electrocardiogram along with blood work to check for heart problems or malfunctions of internal organs. Dr. Gonzalez also helps with pets that are about to give birth, or can artificially inseminate those who have problems. Although he cannot board pets, he can hospitalize if necessary.

In addition to medications and work-ups, the doctor can also recommend various diet choices based on your pet’s individual needs. "We have prescription dog and cat food available to care for the needs of a pet with issues such as gastrointestinal disease, renal failure or cardiac and liver problems. A pet with hear problems may need a low sodium diet, and one with kidney issues will need low protein foods. We also offer food for weight management, joint disease and teeth problems."

Dr Gonzalez spends a large amount of time explaining care and addressing the concern of pet parents. "We have a LifeLearn center where I can print up information and pictures about different diseases that clients can take home with them." He is waiting to address all of your pet’s needs, so call today to schedule an appointment!

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